Education Video Showcase.
Schools are thriving places where so much is going on, a school promotional video can be a great way to showcase this, to show on open nights or parent teacher evenings.
 I had the great privilege to work closely with the staff from Dunclug Primary and create a joyful promotional video allowing prospective new students the opportunity to see what life is like at Dunclug Primary. We hard worked to capture the students in all the various different activities that the school had to offer. We ensured that regulations were met and that the video would be able to reach a wide target audience and grow their business online.

"Edify were extremely accommodating from the word go. We hoped for something unique and they certainly delivered. The video truly captured the warmth and friendliness of our school community. Extremely happy with their services."
~ Principle of Dunclug Primary School - Aliaster Beacon.

Watch this space, there are more 
educational video to come!
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